How Blog Posts Attract Customers

One of the things you may notice when we develop your web presence is that your website will have blog posts. Your blog posts will feature content which is related to your profession. Blog posts keep your web visibility high and attract the attention of search engines, and bring customers to your website.

Many of the blog posts have short subheadings; since most readers have a short attention span and little time, this is a method of making the article easy to scan for particulars. 

For example, if you’re a plumber, one of your blog postings might be on water conservation. How does telling customers about water conservation increase your customer base?

Customers are attracted and engaged by original content


People on the internet want to be engaged and entertained.  Reading about water conservation engages potential customers since water is a big issue in the Phoenix area. One of the methods of water conservation is having small leaks repaired. A plumber fixes small leaks. Even if the customer decides to fix the leak himself, he will remember your website as being a source of entertainment and information. 

He may read some of the other blogs on your website if they engage his interest. He knows you are a local company. So, when he decides to upgrade his plumbing, he will remember the posts he’s read and recognize your plumbing company as a business entity he knows and can trust. The bottom line is that if we feed original content into the search engines, search engines will feed your website customers. 

Confidence is better than convenience

You can also think of your blog posts as a way to romance your customers. They’ll have more trust in your business if they are attracted and engaged by a blog before they need you rather than an ‘arranged marriage’ caused by a hasty call after a plumbing emergency. If they read your blog, they already recognize your business as a trustworthy source of information and help. After they use your service the first time, if they read your blog posts or watch your social media posts, this keeps your business in the forefront of their mind. Studies show that a customer who has access to more of ‘you’ is more likely to call when they have a problem which requires the kind of expertise you offer. 

Blogs solve customer problems and showcase your expertise

Many of the blog posts featured on your website will help a client solve their own problems. While this may be counterintuitive, these blogs do two things: they show what is entailed in a DIY, which may be enough to make the customer call you, and they also show your willingness to help customers help themselves, which sets you up as ‘the local expert.’ And who doesn’t want to know a guy? Sooner or later, that customer is going to need the kind of services you provide. If he already knows you from blog posts and social media, he isn’t going to search for another company, because he already has your business planted in his mind.