The Four Things Which Will Improve Your Online Presence

When our customers come to us, one of the most important things we want to do is provide results by bringing you sales and clients.  We do that by helping you to attract and engage the kinds of customers who would benefit from your expertise. By promoting your brand via social media, we improve your online visibility to the types of people who want to be your customers. As our client, there are some ways you can help us attract your niche market customers.

Here we explore the things we ask of you, and the ways we use those to help us build your web presence and attract (and keep!) customers specific to your service business. 

Tell us about yourself

Words will attract customers to your website and your business.

Words will attract customers to your website and your business.

The words you use to describe your business, your values, the work you perform and methodology are crucial in helping us attract the customers you want. So, for example, if you’re a plumber who specializes in septic tank systems, we can take that information and use it to attract customers with septic tanks.  The specific words you use to describe your values will attract clients who wish to hire a company who expresses values similar to their own. 


A picture says a thousand words. One of the things our content team is always begging us for is photos. Photos of your employees engaged in doing what people need help them visualize you doing that in their home, which is why we so often ask for ‘action’ photos. For example, a picture of an electrician putting in a ceiling fan, or even standing on a ladder with a hand on a ceiling fan helps a customer visualize putting a ceiling fan in their home. The visualization of your employee standing at their door is a welcome one when they need your service. We help them visualize that with action photos.

Social media accounts

Another way we help you reach your customer base is through social media accounts and content. Social networks help drive customers to your website, so we post plenty of social content to make your accounts active and engaging.

One of the things we will post to your social media accounts is jokes and blurbs. What does a joke about demons in ductwork have to do with getting more customers for an HVAC company? People like to laugh. If people know your website or postings will make them smile, they’ll return again and again. Also, we make the jokes and photos specific to your location, time of year, and your trade. In this way, your social media will attract customers and boost their confidence in your business.

A business can engage customers with blog posts, as well. The more directly related blog posts a business has, the more traffic their website will garner. Blog posts, however, need to be current and fresh to attract a search engine like Google, which is why we add content to your blog post list continuously throughout the year.

The humanized experience

One of the best means of attracting the kind of customers you want is through humanizing your website. For example, one of our clients, a locksmith, recently helped the police by attending a service call in which there was a baby locked in the car. This particular locksmith does child and animal lockouts free of charge. While a half dozen firefighters watched, the locksmith freed the baby from the car without damaging the vehicle. There were backslaps and handshakes all around, but the real value came from a blog post about the event later. So, don’t be shy about telling us about events, stories, and other possible content related to your business. We may be able to use those to help you engage customers.