Five Ways to Keep You and Your Employees Healthy


Keeping your staff healthy is a lofty goal, especially in the winter, when out-of-town visitors bring their croup, the kids bring home the flu from school on winter break, and holiday gatherings host a multitude of germs. The Phoenix area has had a bad flu season this year, making it even harder. For the small business owner, sickness among the staff can lower sales, productivity, and morale.

This came to our attention when our very own fearless leader was knocked half-senseless by a bout of tonsillitis. Fortunately, he bounced back like a champion, but the experience offered us the opportunity to reexamine the role which personal health plays in the success of a business.

In light of that, we’re going to offer some ways for you to keep you and your crew healthy. Sick people will lower your productivity because you can’t sell what you can’t deliver.

1. Consider getting a flu shot. Urge your crewmates to get one, as well. This is a herd preventative measure, and as a member of the herd, we advocate a group battle against the ‘flu of the year.’ One prevention can, in turn, avert many cases among your family members, employees, and customers.

2. ‘Employees must wash hands before returning to work’ means we know hand-washing is a huge preventative measure against communicable diseases. If you have an office, make sure there is plenty of soap and water available, and try putting the “Employees must wash...” sign in the bathroom as a reminder, even if you aren’t a food-related business.

3. Watch for signs of burnout. Not just in your own life, but in your employees’ lives, as well. Trust us when we say your customers will know if your employees are burnt out, and it’s hard to be loyal to a company who burns their employees. Plus, stress and burnout is like a red carpet for an array of ailments.

4. Healthy habits. This applies to moderation in eating and drinking, of course, but also drinking enough water, sleeping, avoiding eye strain, and other proactive health habits. Learn to cough and sneeze into the crook of your inner elbow to avoid contaminating your hands, too.

Be safety-minded. Wear the gear.

Be safety-minded. Wear the gear.

5. Be safety-minded. Not merely wearing the seat belt, but also driving speeds, honoring industry safety standards, safety equipment, work boots, and even sunscreen. The tone of your attitude shouldn’t be so much one of rule-making as it is one of holding your employees’ safety and well-being a priority. Since you’re their leader, your behavior provides the example for the crew.

Hopefully, this post has offered tips you can use to keep yourself and your team in tiptop shape. We wish all of you a healthy and happy new year, and anticipate that our combined efforts will bring your business an incredibly successful and productive 2018!