Creating a Connection with Your Customers

One of the essential aspects of an online presence is a changing landscape. Fresh, original content to your website and blog will stir interest and incite hits from Google. Today, we review some of the potential events which can bring readers to your website, and therefore your business.

What attracts client interest?

Solving their problems


A blog post which teaches about carpet cleaning, for example, may appear on a maid service website. The article may explain the best tools and chemicals to clean a carpet, which is what the reader was seeking when they landed in the post. (Thank you, Google!)

But, guess what? That blog post is attached to the website of a local maid service! The homeowner may decide to clean the carpet themselves, or they may just make an appointment to have the maid service clean it. Regardless, the homeowner now has access to a bundle of free blog posts which teach them all kinds of cleaning tips and tricks. The rule of reciprocity says if they ever need a maid service, the local ‘guru’ whose blogs have taught them cleaning hacks is the one they’ll call.

Building your brand

New happenings in your industry are also of interest to customers. Not every blog post will send customers running to their phone to call you. Some posts are simply fingers on the pulse of your industry, often involving local current events. People love to be informed, and the more they learn about you, your expertise, and how you fit into your industry, the more your company will appeal to them as ‘the local expert.’

The type of blog posts which attract customers from your niche market aren’t limited to your field of expertise, by any means. Sharing personal or other events will also attract clients.


Got a graduate in the family? Did an employee just upgrade their skills? Readers love to be 'in the know.'

Got a graduate in the family? Did an employee just upgrade their skills? Readers love to be 'in the know.'

If you or your team has just been part of an exciting event, gained a new skill, a new employee or partner, even a new truck are all things which can be posted in a monthly blog or added to website content. Promotions, new hours, new tools--whatever is going on in your business is of interest to your customers or potential customers. The more a prospective client knows about your business--the good and even the bad--the more likely they are to call you. It makes customers feel good when they’re ‘in the know’.

Some final thoughts

When your website engages readers, they invest their time in reading your content and receive high-quality information or entertainment in return. This reciprocal dynamic means the reader has a relationship with you, albeit a passive one. But, the point is that they know you--not just about the nuts and bolts of your business, but what is important to you, too. This creates a personal connection, which will make them turn to you when they need your services. They are also more likely to refer you to friends and family members, even if they have never personally used your business.

When our clients have something of interest which happens in their company, their industry, or even in their personal lives, we’re always happy to get an email about it, with or without photos, which we can turn into a blog or social media post.