What is Your Service Quotient?

Gold Star service is the goal!

Gold Star service is the goal!

We have clients who have a high service quotient without even being aware they’re doing it. They have the website, the social content, fabulous blog posts, but when it comes down to the one-on-one with customers, that’s where they shine in a service industry.

We talked to some of our service business customers and decided that the best way to show you where your business sparkles during service during customer interaction is to ask you.

The following survey will help show where your strengths can help you win--and keep--your customers:


1. I offer my clients my full attention:

A. Always
B. Most of the time
C. Some of the time unless I’m having a bad day
D. Rarely
E. I don’t interact directly with my clients if I can help it

2. I am on time for my appointments: 

A. Always, and if I’m going to be late I will call.
B. Most of the time, except when I’m busy. They understand.
C. Some of the time.
D. Rarely. I get there when I get there.
E. I don’t have regularly scheduled appointments.

3. When I hire employees, I choose people who are:

A. The best the industry has to offer
B. Good skills but not great
C. Have some skills but will require a lot of training
D. Will have to figure it out by starting at the bottom
E. Whoever I can get as long as they’re breathing

4. I develop relationships with my customers:

A. Whenever I can, and strive to maintain them by directing them to my website or asking that they tell their friends and neighbors about me, or call later to ask if everything is working.
B. Some of the time, for example, if we’re running a special or coupon, I’ll let them know
C. It depends on if I like the customer.
D. It’s pretty hit-or-miss
E. I don’t develop relationships with my customers.

5. When I am on a job, I explain what needs to be done to the customer:

A. All the time, because I believe in educating my customer with direct explanations or blogs to minimize their problems.
B. Most of the time, especially if it’s going to cost them later down the road if they aren’t proactive about maintenance
C. Some of the time, if they ask.
D. I rarely talk to my customers about their issues.
E. I just do the job and leave.

6. I am friendly to my customers:

All service jobs have one thing in common: service!

All service jobs have one thing in common: service!

A. All the time, because nothing is better than a smiling *insert your profession here*
B. I am friendly most of the time.
C. Sometimes. I try to be friendly but have certain pressures on me
D. Rarely. They don’t need for me to be friendly, they need for me to do my job
E. I am all business. It’s what I’m paid to do.

7. Assessment of courtesy skills:

A. I am unfailingly polite
B. I am usually polite
C. I try to be polite, but have limits
D. I don’t think being polite is that important
E. I don’t think being polite is important at all.

8.  Assessment of my vehicle/office and personal appearance:

A. It’s essential to me that I always look my best
B. I usually have a neat business and appearance
C. My appearance and tidiness can be hit or miss
D. I am pretty messy because I feel it goes with the job
E. I don’t think appearance matters

9. Truthfulness. I am truthful with my customers:

A. Always, because I believe trust is essential, especially when their money is involved
B. Most of the time, except when it’s going to cost me
C. Some of the time, but if what they don’t know will bring me more business down the line, I keep my mouth shut
D. I keep my head down and don’t tell them anything.
E. Sometimes I fudge because who doesn’t? It’s business.

10. I listen to my customers:

A. Always, because that’s how I create a solution which matches their problem.
B. Most of the time, unless we disagree.
C. Sometimes, but I’ve been doing this job for a long time and know best.
D. Rarely. Their problems aren’t my problems. They should listen to me and their input is distracting.
E. Never. I am the expert and can figure out what needs to be done on my own.

Give yourself:

  • five points for each A answer;
  • four points for each B answer:
  • three points for each C answer, and
  • minus 2 points for 2 points for each D or E answer.

We hope this survey has offered some amusement and some thoughts on all of the great ways your service quotient is making your customers happy, and some areas where you might want to take a second look.