How to Stop Yelp Sales Calls


Because Yelp is a directory resource of local businesses, consumers love it. Yelp started just 15 years ago and now boasts of 192 million reviews. Can all those people be wrong? That depends on which side of the directory you’re on.

For consumers, Yelp is a fantastic resource, one which will give them not only the names and details of local businesses by searching but also the opinions of consumers just like themselves. But, from a business standpoint, Yelp gets mixed reviews.

The calls

Once Yelp determines you don’t have a business owner’s account, they step right up to offer you a free business owner’s account and try to sign you up for paid ads by turning their advertising team on you. They are a force to be reckoned with, since they will call relentlessly, as often as every two days.

Make them stop

Not everyone wants to pay for business ads via Yelp or contribute to their $943 million a year in revenue. Some small businesses make a practice of blocking or not answering their phone when they see it is Yelp calling. We don’t recommend ignoring their calls. Here is what you can do to protect yourself from their help:

  • Answer the phone or reply to an email

  • Tell them you want to wait before considering paid ads

  • Request to be placed on their Do Not Call List (DNC). Yes, they have one! Your best bet is to do this in an email.

  • Say that you’ll reach back out questions and set to up ads through the BOA.

But you need Yelp!

In spite of not giving Yelp your marketing dollars, which can be better spent elsewhere, the free Business Owner’s Account is worthwhile. The BOA has features which allow a business to do several things, including reaching out and responding to reviews. Here are a few of the things a business owner should do to give local customers some of the information they want when they come to Yelp and make the most out of their Yelp presence:

  • Update your business NAP (name address phone website)

  • Add photos of your business, including vehicles, specialties, equipment, employees, completed jobs or jobs in progress, etc.

  • Add the history of the business

  • About the owner

  • Update hours

  • Add a Yelp URL link to your website


Should you ask for reviews?

Some businesses will ask a customer to give them a review. Solicited reviews are against Yelp’s terms of service and, once you’re on their list of companies who might be seeking reviews, they will hide legitimate good reviews as ‘not recommended.’ Meaning, asking for good reviews can cost you good reviews. It’s just not worth it.

Meanwhile, if you want to see a return on your marketing dollars, why not grow your business online? You don’t have to understand how the Web works, because we do, and we can help you get the word out to the people who need you the most.

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