Getting Started

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We are so glad you have chosen Green Thumb Local.

We are eager to get started and the below information will help us do our best work

Remember: this helps us capture your business and present it online so the more information the better!

This is the name that customers would know you by, and the name you use when you answer business calls.
If you have multiple numbers please explain what each of them go to.
This should be the email that you monitor for customer emails.
If your service hours are different than your phone answering hours, please provide both.
If this is a residential address we will assume you do not want it advertised.
A second location, or an alternative address that you use.
This is the area that you accept regular work. You may work outside of this area for a larger job or for an up-charge. Think of this as your main area an not your extended area. Do not feel the need to make this larger than necessary.
For example, who should receive the weekly reports, who might call us with questions, etc?
If yes, please add a link to where it can be found or email it over.