Welcome to Green Thumb Local:

Powerful online brand management proven to grow your business exposure and increase the conversion of potential leads into lifelong customers.

Our team is going to create and manage an entire online presence to do two things:


1) Increase the number of people who find you when looking for the service you provide.


2) Show those customers why your business is the best option so they book with you and become a life long customer. 


The following 3 pages are questions that will help us do these two things well. Your growth manager and the content team will use your answers to understand your business. We understand what it's like to be a contractor, but we want to understand the nuances of your business too. This is the starting point.


- Answer as many questions as you can, but if you need to skip one because you don't know the answer that is okay. 

- There are 3 pages. Start on page one and fill out each question. After you submit a page it will save your answers and send them to your growth manager. Each page will not save until you click submit. You will not be able to see your answers after you submit them but don't worry we will have them.